Table targets released and NYS housing budget negotiations begin

Thirty million dollars will be available for the Environment/ Agriculture/Housing table.  Negotiations will take place through the weekend in hopes of an on-time budget.  Concern that NYS budget surplus this year as a result from bank settlements be directed toward housing was voiced by Senator Espaillat, specifically that funds go to the NYC Housing Authority. Assemblyman Wright, Housing Committee Chair, indicated that his house allocated 100 million dollars for NYCHA

NYS Budget Negotiations Underway

With both Senate and Assembly each  passing a one house budget resolution this week, the first meeting of the “mothership” or joint conference committee has met.  We believe there is support demonstrated from all the men and women in the room for housing and community development.

The Senate budget includes a  1:1 water quality infrastructure matching program for communities to leverage one billion dollars from the State’s Clean and Drinking Water revolving loan fund.   Senate budget calls for $700 million for regionally significant economic development projects statewide to help create jobs, $25 million for Upstate transit capital projects and $50 million for the Main Street Revitalization program to assist local governments in cleaning up blighted areas. These are all programs supported and part of the Rural Advocates Legislative Agenda.

The Assembly also supports housing and community development. While leaving RPC/NPC as proposed by the Executive, funds were shifted from 15 to 5 million for CDFI, 50 million to 0 for the Low and Middle  Income Housing Program and increased from 50 million to 110 million for Mitchell-Lama Repair and Revitalization

Explaining the importance of affordable housing

The Center for Housing Policy recent article on the impacts of affordable housing on education discusses housing stability, over crowding, and housing condition as some  factors corresponding to childhood diseases like asthma, cognitive development, school performance, and  hyper mobility.  Mobility is cited both as a detriment to classroom stability but might also provide access to better performing schools.  Good information to provide when informing your representatives on the importance of funding affordable housing programs!

Legislators Count!

Did you know that many State legislative offices count the number of contacts they get on particular issues every week? Let’s make sure they hear that affordable housing is an important issue next week during Advocates Lobby Days!  They need to understand that without a legislative budget add RPCs and NPCs could get less operating money next year!  CALL your NYS Senator and Assembly representative March 2,3 or 4th and tell them added funds are important to their district!  Watch the tabs above for up to the minute talking points

Will the State Budget be Late?

The Governor released his 30 day amendment usually used for technical corrections. This time he included some ethics reform proposals which the Governor insists must be included in the budget. However, some of the included proposals, are negotiable or subject to a public vote.  If the budget is NOT passed on April 1, does that rule out legislative changes?

Preservation Program will be cut in Governor’s Budget

Yes, there IS some JPMorgan/Chase settlement money dedicated to RPC/NPC but the annual funding for the program will be cut without added funding from the legislature.  Care to comment to the Senate and Assembly Housing and Finance Committee on the Budget as proposed by the Governor?  You still have until February 15 to submit 10 copies, call Clinton L. Freeman, Jr. for details 518. 455.5491.  Testimony presented by the Coalition and Advocates:  budget testimony 2_5_2015