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We need your input and we need your Membership

Become A Member of the Network!

participate in the NYS Rural Advocates.

Why is membership in both Rural Housing Coalition and Rural Advocates important?  Rural Advocates is a 501( c)4 “sister” organization and its focus is on State and Federal Policy and Advocacy. It is entirely funded through membership and fundraisers.  It does not have contracts with State or Federal agencies and acts independently with its own Board of Directors and Membership.

Advocates fund an“Albany” presence.  Membership in the Coalition does not pay for this voice in Albany.

The Coalition focuses on technical assistance, training, peer-to-peer meetings, and the annual conference. They work so that existing housing and community development programs meet its membership’s needs. RHC ‘s great RD newsletter reports on policy issues that are important to you which may include Advocates work!

We ask that all members join as at least as sustaining members at $450, but your support is important at any level.

NYS Rural Advocates Suggested Membership……………………………$ 450.00

consider a contribution from your CDC subsidiaries@ $250

Individual Membership @$100

*** Members support us in ranges from $75 for individual to $1000 Corporate. Give what you can***

Please make checks payable to:             NYS Rural Advocates,  PO Box 104,    Blue Mt Lake, NY   12812

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